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Popular Trends For Garden Lighting This Summer

Summer is coming, and we’ll be spending more time with our family and friends in the garden, either enjoying a barbecue party or just relaxing. While most of us spend the remaining time of spring cleaning outdoor spaces, do not forget about garden lighting. With – Garden Lights and a little creativity, you can make your backyard an extension of the indoor living space and create an atmospheric area when the sun goes down.

While it isn’t easy to make your exterior space inviting and cozy, choosing the right lighting plan and accessories can produce an alluring ambience. Let’s take a look at seven on-trend lighting ideas in this summer.

1. Lanterns

Lanterns are undoubtedly one of the most popular lighting options for the backyard in both winter and summer. Whether you choose a model that is designed with Moroccan features, lit by LED or wax candles, or come with colourful patterns for hanging on string lights, it can bring a simple yet stunning look for your garden at night. Also, you can make a detailed lighting plan to take these lanterns out on lawn or patio areas for decorative purposes and create a unique talking point.

2. Fairy Lights

Festoon lighting and fairy lights are the key features in transforming your garden into a more enticing space in the summer. They don’t give off a bright and stark light, but a soft and warm glow, making these units perfect for illuminating any space. To create a cozy café atmosphere, you would drape these string lights along fences, wrap around trees, or place across an open area.

3. Strategic Lighting

Every outdoor area needs a focal point, whether it is a unique rockery, an old oak tree, or the brick face of your house. One of the most effective ways to bring your backyard together is to highlight that key element with strategic lighting. With well-planned bollard lights, for example, you can emphasise the part of your garden which gives it character while drawing all separate areas together seamlessly.

4. Highlighting Borders

Most of us often forget the borders, but drawing attention to these areas can bring a thorough look to your garden. It is easy to create these effects by installing strips of LED rope lighting surrounding the bottom part of the border. Also, this can be a great statement for any terraced, decking areas or patios to illuminate the pathways and create a stunning feature.

5. Solar Lighting

In a similar way to emphasising pathways and borders, solar units are a great option for garden lights. They can work as both decorative and functional so you can have more freedom to mix and match. Not only do solar lights help you save money in the long run by consuming a low level of energy, but they are also straightforward to install. More importantly, you can leave them in place for a long period without any major problem.

6. Creative Layers

Bringing together all of the above features in well-planned and thoughtful layers will enable you to manipulate the look and atmosphere in your garden. Ideally, you should create a contrast between dark and light tones to give an illusion of more space. If your garden is small, consider adding some reflective elements to define a wide area.

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The Perfect Landscaping Bushes

In addition to the variety of height offered, shrubs have been known to add color and scent to your home environment. Although it is a well-established fact that city life leaves little room for nature, many city dwellers are quickly adopting landscaping bushes to add life to their yard.

Bushes have many roles to play in the garden. Each type of bush has its own role. There are bushes that have been known to provide a screen to new flowering plants; there are those that have been used for partitioning lawns into various sections and there are those that are used for restricting access to the yard. The choice for the landscaping bushes depends upon its purpose in the garden.

However, many of the bushes used during landscaping are intended to attract birds and wildlife to a garden. Bushes that bear fruits and berries have been known to be extremely popular with birds and small animals and hence can be found blooming in most homes.

Before settling down on a particular set of landscaping bushes for your garden, it is crucial to first have a vision about how the landscaping bushes will change the look of your home after the plants grow and bloom. This is highly encouraged as it will help you decide on the selection of bushes that can best complement your home.

Although it might sound like a tricky exercise, choosing and maintaining the right shrubbery for your front yard is not difficult.

In this context, I will highlight a few landscaping bushes that have been known to stand out. Most people are not aware of the options available and the various types of landscaping bushes that are best suited to beautify their garden. I pray that this list may prove to be invaluable in helping them decide.

The lilac bushes have been known to be a favorite for most landscape designers. They have broad leaves and sweeping branches that are heavily scented making them an all-time landscape favorite. This one of a kind bush has been known to grow to an amazing twelve feet and range in color from red to white. It is best suited to warm tropical areas since it requires constant sunlight and humidity to flourish.

If you’re looking for a year-round interest then the Holly bushes are sure to capture your attention. The Holly has been known to work well as a foundation plant for privacy. With its prickled leaves it has been known to discourage neighbors from crossing your lawn while providing winter berries for the birds. The Holly can provide a beautiful winter backdrop in the yard or it can be used indoors as a holiday decoration.

The butterfly bush is also part of the landscaping bushes that are worth mentioning.

As the name suggests, this shrub attracts butterflies with a sweet perfume. It is very easy to grow and is available in many shades of red and purple. It is also great for spicing up the late summer landscape.
The Boxwood is another popular bush that is most often grown as a hedge. It stands out due to its evergreen nature and its ability to make attractive formal hedgerows. The Boxwood has been known to grow well in the sun but prefers shade and un-amended soil.

The forsythia is landscaping bushes with bright yellow cascading flowers covers that make them an excellent choice for new plantings and hiding utility areas. This bush has been known to be most striking as a single specimen against a wall of green. If you decide to adopt forsythia it is important to remember that they greatly benefit from compost soil and regular water.

When it comes to bushes the trick is in adding a variety to your area that will grow to different heights to maturity and display different colors throughout the seasons. This will add visual interest to your dimension and to your landscaping bushes.

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