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1- Q. What is normal temperature in NOLA during the convention?

A. Please visit the following website where you can get answers to weather related questions, such as high and low temperatures, humidity, and precipitation for the area during the time of the convention:

2- Q. Are there economical places to park near the Convention hotel?

A. Parking at the hotel is complimentary according to our convention contract.

3- Q. Can you help me find a roommate for my stay during the hotel?

A. A volunteer will be assigned to help you find a roommate, although it's not guaranteed. It would be ideal if you can find a person you already know from your club, group or region.  Otherwise, for more information see help under  Contact above.

4- Q. I have some food restrictions for the banquet and other food served during the Convention. How can I let you know?

A. The registration form will have a place where you can let us know. 

5- Q. Can I attend the AIS-SLI Convention if I'm not a member if either organization?

A. Anyone can attend the Convention as long the registration form and payment are received by the registrar by the deadline.  Please note that meetings at the hotel are open for anyone to attend.  You do not have to register to attend a meeting. 

6- Q. Will there be a Boutique (store) at the Convention? How can I sell items there?

A. Please contact Kathy Wade at to make arrangements to have a booth or sell your merchandise.

7- Q. Can I volunteer at the Convention?

A. We need volunteers in several areas, such as the Boutique, and the Auction area. Please contact Paul Gossett for more information: or (918) 853-6204.

8- Q. I am confused about the 2018 garden tours.  Is AIS not having any garden tours?  As I read the information about the convention it looks as if SLI is having garden tours and AIS is not.

A.  There is NO separate AIS gardens and NO separate GNOIS/SLI garden tours.  There is only one set of garden tours for the conventions, where ALL attendees participate on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

9- Q. What is the SLI Silent Auction?

A.  The SLI Silent Auction is held right before and partially during the SLI Awards Dinner on Saturday night.  The Live Auction is held after the SLI Dinner and after the awards have been presented.  There will be live Louisiana plants along with gift certificates that you complete and give back to the Louisiana hybridizer at the dinner and he/she will mail the the plant to you.

10- Q:  I am a iris hybridizer and would like to send some of my catalogs to the 2018 Convention in New Orleans.  Who do I send them to?

A-  Ship them to the following address and label the package as "Catalogs for the Catalog Table at the Registration Desk.
                             Eileen Hollander
                             5436 S. Claiborne Ave.
                             New Orleans, LA 70125

11- Q: What should I know before coming to New Orleans and the convention.
A- 1)   Bring some rain gear as it sometimes rains during bloom season.
2)   Bring a jacket or sweater as it may be a bit cold.
3)   Be prepared for the weather being hot and humid.
4)   Restaurants may be crowded as The French Quarter Festival will be going on April 12 through April 15.  
5)  There will also be other activities going on the whole week of the convention celebrating the 300th Anniversary.  Go to the site to see a list of the events for 2018.

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